Internet-Based Mortgage Broking

The Internet is a vital component of today’s business world, and this is definitely the case for mortgage brokers. While every mortgage broker will use the Internet to research and communicate with their clients and with the banks and other lenders, for a small number of large mortgage brokering companies the Internet is also vital as a source of brand new business.

These large companies have invested heavily in their website and in SEO in order to make certain that they are ranked in the top 3 for any Google search for mortgage brokers in Manawatu, and their investment will in every case be paying off handsomely. The simple reason for this is that the volume of new business that is arriving over the Internet is steadily increasing, and is currently over 9000 genuine Internet searches per month, and these few but large mortgage broking companies are grabbing around 90 to 95% of the total business.

While the more traditional brokers are using the classic marketing techniques like repeat business, referrals and good networking with real estate agents, developers and banks, and there is a very large volume of the market that are not personally connected with anyone that can recommend a good broker. This market is also very comfortable with searching for everything they need on the Internet, and hence they are very willing to trust the Internet to deliver them a good answer in their search for a mortgage broker. This is a massive trend that will continue to grow exponentially, and the large companies that have positioned themselves very high in the search rankings are just simply dominating this entire market.

The modern customer is not only happy to search online for their chosen mortgage broker, but they are also happy to deal entirely over the Internet with their broker during the whole process of getting a mortgage, and this can even include having an initial Skype video call so that the broker and the client can get to know each other. The Internet for these companies is absolutely vital to their business, and the amount of money that they have invested in their websites and in the Internet rankings is a testament to this.

They are however exposed to some disruption, because Internet rankings can be disrupted buy a company that specialises in very high tech SEO. In many respects search is the new brand value, and if such an SEO specialist company was to appear at number 1 or 2 in most searches, then that would be seen by the customers who are searching as an indication of their credibility and popularity. This is indeed the way that customers view searches today, as a small handful of mortgage broking companies in the top 3 search spots appear very infrequently if ever and mass market advertising and other high profile branding. A high-tech SEO country with a good quality home page will be able to tap into and disrupt this traffic, and with smart downstream processes will be able to generate good quality leads that they can easily sell for a good price to the bulk of mortgage brokers Gisborne that are stranded on page 2 and beyond.