How to Install New GBA for iOS Smoothly and GBA Emulator

The Game Boy Advance emulator comes with many new features, such the then we see that first,  you have to know how to install it correctly. Although it is very simple to make many users are having problems to install that application goes into an infinite loop in which just never materialize installation.

It is one of the fastest and also rapid paced emulation which helps you to save your battery from draining. It has proved to be acceptable and well suited for every Game Boy game and you can use  it without any errors. It has a higher level of BIOS emulation and you are persisted from the unnecessary BIOS file. It supports the video filters by GLSL shaders.

How to Install GBA for iOS Without Problems:

It also has a fast-forward options which help you to skip the big stories which you feel not to see. You can also save your game it for further use at a particular point with the help of a Screenshot. Most importantly it has an awesome user-friendly interface which performs really fast. You can create shortcuts for your favorite desired  games in order to get direct access.

Although the installation problem GBA emulator has a very simple solution, it’s like everything in life, if someone does not tell you-you shall not thereby follow these simple steps to install the first.

1- Settings Open your iPhone or iPad

2- Tap General and look for date and time settings

3- Disable Auto Adjust button

4- Put a date preceding the day  for ex : 17/05/2016, and worth.

5- Once done salt and enter settings from your device to web GBA4IOS

Installing GBA Emulator on iOS:

Remember that any problems you have with your device, installation, etc; Neither Weblogs SL, Engadget Mexico or the author of this note, are responsible. But it is noteworthy that if you follow the steps correctly, nothing will happen.

  • First, you need iOS 9.2 or above device (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch)
  • From the device, you have to go to the next page in iEmulator.
  • There, you have to click on GBA4iOS 9.2.1 and leave the next picture, there you have to click on “Install”
  • The installation will begin in the home screen

Once installed, click give up the application, an ad will appear and you have to click on “Trust”

Ready, you can emulate GBA  ROMs or games on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Downloading ROMs for GBA obviously has to be only if you already have the games originally in physical form and from the application, by clicking on the magnifying glass, you can download ROMs, looking for them and clicking download

Then  they will be available to play them on the emulator homepage


I’ve been testing on an iPhone 6 Plus and works excellently, without delay and fully optimized for screens of new devices, even it works on an iPad and there is an option to replace the famous wire link.

this is a tutorial on how to Install New GBA for iOS without problems if you have any doubt don’t hesitate then comment below

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