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The wi-fi router is a connecting device that used to plug your body to a process. The wi-fi router is used to deliver details in packages to its vacation location in bundle switching program. It acts as a dispatcher that recognizes the way to deliver details bundle. All wi-fi router has initially individual IP deal with. 192.168.l.254 login password is a common IP for many routers. Manufacturers use this IP deal with as a standard deal with, but users can modify this standard IP deal with within the range of to

How to Set up Wireless Router Configurations Using

To modify the standard establishing and settings of wi-fi router you first need to plug the wi-fi router to your body. You have to follow many actions to modify the standard settings of the wi-fi router. All the settings are available in the wi-fi router cpanel. In cpanel, you can set the Network Configuration, Wireless settings, LAN settings, and WAN settings. To modify the standard settings you need first to sign in to the wi-fi router control program. Every wi-fi router has standard details. Generally, in most of the cases, details are both “admin.” Now I am going to discuss all required details to modify settings of the wi-fi router in the wi-fi router cpanel.

Note: Management program of wi-fi router differs from wi-fi router to wi-fi router. But the general establishing always remains same.

How to Configure Router Using

How to Login Router with

To log in to the cpanel of wi-fi router you first need to plug your wi-fi router to the pc. Use LAN wire to plug the wi-fi router somewhere. You can also link the wi-fi router to Wi-Fi, but it is advised to use LAN wire to plug the wi-fi router. Then put the standard IP deal with of the wi-fi router that you will get in the body of the wi-fi router on the deal with bar of Google Chrome. If it is linked efficiently, then you will divert to the sign in page of the wi-fi router control program. Then get into the standard details to get into in the cpanel of the wi-fi router.

Router Main Management Panel:

After you efficiently logged in, you will be on the wi-fi router cpanel. Look at the above screenshot; you will discover many an eye to modify your wi-fi router standard settings.

Network Position information:

If the wi-fi router gets efficiently linked to the internet provider then in the status details tab in the cpanel you will get all the status of your connectivity. In this status details, you will get details in details – About the wi-fi router relationship status.

Change Network Settings:

In the program establishing, you can modify the standard IP deal with of the wi-fi router. It is always suggested to modify the standard IP as online hackers can easily hack your body if you are using standard IP deal with.

But whenever you changed the standard deal with then online hackers will not able to track your IP deal with. In the above screen shot, you will discover all the details regarding program settings. It has two WAN relationship type-Static IP and Dynamic IP. To modify the IP deal with you need to set the relationship kind to Fixed IP.

Wireless Settings:

In the wi-fi establishing tab, you can configure your wi-fi wireless router settings. In the wi-fi tab, you will discover four more tabs-Wireless settings, wi-fi protection, Wireless MAC Filtering, Wireless Innovative, Wireless statistics. In the wi-fi establishing you can provide the name of the wi-fi program, and in wi-fi protection, you can provide passwords to your wi-fi program. I am always suggesting to use a strong protection password to make your body more secure.

Above I have shared all major settings that need to modify. There are many advanced settings that you can also modify, but for that, you need to gather more experience. In my next content, I will provide details to deal with the advanced settings. Now I am going to discuss actions to totally reset your wi-fi router if in case you have forgotten the administration details.

Reset  Router:

If you totally forget the sign in administration protection password, then you have to totally reset the wi-fi router to shift back to its manufacturer settings. Every wi-fi router has a totally reset key. You have to push that totally reset key for 20 seconds using needle-like substances. After efficiently totally reset it will shift to its standard establishing. You can use the same standard details to sign in to its cpanel.


I think you all have understood all the actions to modify wi-fi wireless router establishing and settings. If this content seems helpful, then please discuss this content over the online community. If you have any query, then please drop your valuable opinion in the below opinion box.

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